One Week? Already?

Tomorrow will mark my first week back in the states. It’s kind of weird how quickly I have adapted back to life here. Although staying busy helps that quite a bit. I was ‘home’ Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week and then I went to Indianapolis with my little sister for this week. I have a habit of going on spur of the moment trips…so….I’m in Indy! And I’ll be here until Friday. I feel like I’m getting an overdose of family time. This weekend we’re going on a family vacation. Although it is the first year since I started college that I’ll actually be able to go on almost all of the family vacations.

I guess that’s the strange part about coming back. More family time. I appreciate my family a little more since I didn’t see them much over the last semester. The last semester also taught me that I can live anywhere. I know that knowledge doesn’t make any of my family members very happy. But it is true. I can live anywhere, as long as I can visit family. 🙂

I also have more experience with people and dealing with problems that arise in relationships. It’s easier for me to deal with other people’s problems still, of course, but I have more perspective now. Cultural differences help that one.

I never ever thought this would happen but thank you Russia for giving me racial fear. I wish I was kidding. I’m literally freaking out by the different colors of people. Sometimes with irrational fear but sometimes I’m just plain excited to see people of different races. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to be around all different kinds of people at school and home until I went abroad. I just it would have left me with a better sense of security. Thank you Russia for giving me stupid fears.

I will also never ever ever like the phrase, ” tell me something in Russian!” ” uh…like what?” “Anything!”. For the record, I may just answer with the word anything from now on. Not that giving me something specific to say is helpful either. Nothing seems to work well. In addition to that, “How was it?” Is the absolute hardest question to answer. There are so many aspects of my life abroad to cover. So if you would like to know, start with school, or friends, or the other Americans, or travel, or my host family. And give me some time, I did have four months there. It will take me a while to remember everything. And it was great, by the way! I loved being the and I love being back. And yes, I do hope to go back someday. Or go somewhere else 🙂


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