I’m in Moscow! Yay! Moscow is a fantastic city. I would totally live here. I attempted to not go the super touristy route this time, because in St. Petersburg it was exhausting. After three hours in the Hermitage you need three days to recover.

On Friday, Jack was our tour guide, showing us around the city. We went to Arbat and walked the street. We found the memorial wall for the lead singer of Kino (pictures to come). We also went to Red Square and walked through ГУМ. We went back later and went through St. Basil’s Cathedral. Walking around the city is great, because there are so many things to see, especially because there are statues on almost every block. We went to a hockey game on Friday ( first hockey game in Russia )! After the game, we had dinner at a Ukrainian restaurant and then headed back to the hostel. I decided that it was movie night for me once we got back, but that unfortunately did not happen, because technology and I do not mix.
Saturday we met up with a few of the St. Petersburgers and went to the Kremlin. As much as I love churches and their artwork, after the first two I was ready to do something else. After chilling in the Kremlin, I met up with Jimmy, who graduated from ND last year and is working in Moscow now, and we walked around the city for most of the afternoon. We went Gorky’s house, because not only is it free, but it is also beautiful. I was not expecting the stained glass windows and the marble staircase inside. We also went to a cafe, where I learned how to do henna. It was difficult, but fun. The instructions I got were in Russian and English which was entertaining. I, of course, spoke basically no Russian, because I know I’m awful and it’s easier and not scary to speak English. Yeah those are horrible excuses, but that’s what happened. Dinner was great because Jack took us to Moe’s, since we keep saying we miss Mexican food haha. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it still tasted a lil Russian. We walked around and stopped in a park to look at the sculptures. After walking around outside for most of the day, my body started to shut down at midnight. It was rather unfortunate, because I want to go out with everyone. Instead I was in bed by 1 am.
Before we left on Sunday, we explored a few of the metro stations because they are gorgeous. Unfortunately you can’t take pictures inside ( might be good, because otherwise I’d have wayyyyy too many ). We also stopped at a cafe to chill, bought souvenirs ( I got tape…too obsessed with unusual tape…), and went to a bookstore ( I got an anatomy book in Russian!).
All in all it was a fantastic trip and have decided I like Moscow more than Petersburg. However, I enjoyed my time in Petersburg as well, but it was very different and a little overwhelming. I’m ready to go back to Moscow. 🙂

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