February is always an interesting month. In South Bend, February is usually brutally cold because the wind eats you away. I thought the same would be true of Russia. However, in Vladimir, it has been warming up and getting lighter earlier in the morning. It used to get lighter at like 9:30am, almost ten, but today it was getting lighter (there is no sun yet. The perma-cloud exists here too.) at 8:30am. Soo strangeee. I don’t like it! Actually I do like it, because Spring is coming!!! Wooooo. The snow hasn’t really melted yet, but the ice has been cleared from side walks and icicles are falling off of buildings. So some danger has been taken away but I could still die if I don’t pay attention.

Also totally fell for the first time. So not fun. My hands hurt because of course I fell forward. And then I almost fell four more times. The sidewalks by my house are awful. Next time I won’t multitask, or maybe I’ll take the bus.
Update : We have sun! Woooo! But that also means more melting ice, which means I’m gonna break my face….

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