Danger! Danger!

When you first decide you’re going to take a trip to Russia, you never think of the danger, only the fun tourist things come to mind. Then, once you’ve announced you plans to other people, do the risks of traveling abroad make an appearance. I heard all of the horror stories before going abroad about pick pocketing, taking gypsy cabs, dirty cops, taking free drinks from strangers, etc. They are scary stories and I was thinking that I was gonna have no fun while in Russia, that the only thing I’d be able to do was sit at home and chat it up with my host mom. So far the only real threat to my life has been snow and icicles. That’s the beauty of a smaller city, no worries about being bothered by people. The weather just might kill me though. Icicles are a problem here when it starts warming up. They even give out fines for not removing them. It’s because a ridiculous amount of people don’t pay attention to them and die at the hand of the falling arrows of death.

So if you’re planning a trip to Russia, consider the weather in you travel plans.
Another everyday danger is crossing the street. You play chicken with the driver. Stare at the windshield, and look like you’re going to take a step; they should slow down and you can start walking across. There are times when they won’t slow down, so you gotta pay close attention.

One thought on “Danger! Danger!

  1. Kalie,
    What is the temperature now in Russia? We warmed up to 20degrees today and we had sunshine. We have not seen sunshine in a few days, maybe a week. So next time you go abroad your going to go in the spring or summer when its warmer? Where are you posting pictures? On this website or facebook?
    Love you and miss you!

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