More Fun Things From Week 1

So I have some funny bus stories. On Wednesday I was riding the bus, on my way home, minding my own, using my best девушка face and some guy who seemed very confused about the bus and which stop was his, tried giving me his bus fare. However, he didn’t realize that I wasn’t the lady who collected fares. One thing I’ve been told many times is that in Russia, Americans are identified because they smile at strangers to be polite. That does not happen here. You smile only at people you know. So having a девушка face translates to not smiling and looking like you have something important to do. The lady next to me laughed and commented at the guy trying to give me his fare, saying something about him being confused and me being pretty. It was hilarious and I laughed along. Oh life.  Friday, I was riding the bus with Sveta (another student) and I ended up sitting next to a lady who started talking to me about how one bus is faster than another. It was funny to me because I’m pretty sure that I completely look and act like a foreigner and most people only talk to each other on the bus if they are riding together and know each other. I guess I acted enough like a Russian for someone to start a conversation with me. Or maybe she knew I was a foreigner and just wanted to talk to me. Not entirely sure. Oh well!

On Friday we had our first excursion! Ура! We went to Stari Vladimir, Old Vladimir, which is a museum about old Vladimir, clearly. It was really interesting to hear about the people and businesses. I took pictures and they will be up soon. The museum has a wonderful lookout on its top floor. It was even prettier because it was snowing while we were up there. The old pictures in the museum are Alla’s favorite and my favorite things were the keys and the clothing. We go on excursions every Friday instead of having class. So nice! The only downside is that we have to write about them as homework…ну ладно (oh well).
The goal for the next week is to explore even more and to visit one church and take pictures. Oh! And to get together with Nastya and do something fun/learn more about Vladimir.
Side note: stray dogs wait at the crosswalk and walk with people crossing the street as if they were a person!



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