Alla Mikhailovna

I know I’ve mentioned her a little bit, but I feel I need to properly introduce her. Alla Mikhailovna is my host mom. She’s in her sixties and awesome. She loves history and enjoys talking to me about Vladimir’s history. She used to work at a museum here. She has a son and a granddaughter, whom she has told me many things about, but who I have not met yet.

The first day I was here, we talked about family and things that interested us. I told her I was in a dance group and she asked to see a video. After I showed her a video, she showed me her favorite video of a group of breakers on Ukraine’s Got Talent. The four guys break while stripping. It’s really funny. She also shared some of her favorite songs with me. Megan, you should be extremely happy that Alla loves Fillip Kirkorov too and that I have listened to him a few times already. We also watch the news and movies everyday. Anyone who knows me will find this hilarious, because I never watch the news and very rarely to I watch movies. Now I do both!
Alla and I laugh a lot which is fantastic, because I love laughing and joking. We have very similar senses of humor too. She can be very serious too and that’s when her motherly side comes out. I love both. She started teaching me how to make food and has made me a variety of food since I got here. Everything is delicious. I’ll have to take pictures to give you a visual for the foods I have eaten. I love food.

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