Thoughts on Life in Vladimir

It’s only day two, but today was the day that we looked around the city. My host mom, Alla Mikhailovna showed me how to get to school this afternoon after explaining the bus system last night. I only have 2 bus numbers to remember. Ура! Then she took me to the mall to warm up and get something to drink. Once we were warm, she took me to the bank so I could get money. Hilariously last night, being the worrywart that I am, I attempted to talk to her about not having money. I knew that in order to get around and use things I was going to need more than the 90 rubles that I already had. She thought it was funny that I felt I needed money when I was planning on going to bed. She told me, “You don’t need money, if you’re going to bed!” I could only agree with her.

We met up with Jack and the other students at 2. Jack then showed us around Vladimir again showing where the school was as well as taking us to the grocery store in the mall. We met up with our tutors later. My tutor, Nastya, is really nice. She realized that I am having a lot of trouble adjusting to only speaking in Russian. I am trying but it is difficult. It would be easier if I could remember vocabulary. But she understands and is very patient with me. I am very happy that she is my tutor. Jack definitely knew who to pair us up with.

Alla really enjoys trying to feed me more than she eats. This of course is part of the culture. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, you never knew when your next meal would be. Therefore, babushki think that you must be fed enough to last the entire day. I eat about the same as Alla Michaelovna, and I think she is starting to realize that. Luckily I remembered the word for full today at dinner!   I’m up late again because of the time difference. It’s five a.m. here, which means it’s 8p.m. at home. Being up just means I get to write blog posts! Ура! I’m not excited about school tomorrow…placement exams. So stressful.