I’m here!

Welp I finally made it to Vladimir after 36 hours of traveling. Plane delays can do that to you. Too much traveling. I am very glad that the next time I have to worry about flying is in May. So far life has been exhausting. It’s been an overload of information. I’m so tired. The good news is that I got to sleep all day Saturday, which was great until I tried to sleep that night. Listening is already a challenge for me (in English), so processing information in Russian is difficult. I have looked dumb a lot so people will repeat themselves. It’s a bad habit. I have also seemed to have lost all of my manners, because I keep forgetting to say please. My vocabulary is so small; da ili nyet = yes or no. Obviously I have to know more than that to even be in the program, but I have forgotten a lot of Russian.  I usually think of the word I want to use in Spanish first and then I don’t remember the Russian word at all. Or I want to use a fake cognate, equally as bad. Slowly I am remembering words with the help of my dictionary. I also have the bad habit if repeating after people without changing the verb to fit first person singular. I know I’ve only been here for two days but they already seem like habit to me.


One thought on “I’m here!

  1. Katya!!!!! As Peeney would sing,” всё будет хорошо,” it indeed will be. 🙂 I just had to look up how to spell всё, disgraceful! The few first weeks are difficult and then somehow you start absorbing the language as if you were a native Russian. Keep up the blog, I love reading it and have fun! I also demand pictures! 🙂

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