But seriously…if I didn’t have to fly ever again in my life…


Legitimately, I spent 7 hours in an airport. And it made me hate airports even more, but I do fully appreciate the people you can talk to, or listen to, in an airport. Yeah, I can’t speak English anymore…but that’s okay…I’m going to Russia soon!  In the beginning, my plane was on time today, but then there was problems with the landing gear. So they got us a new plane from another terminal and that was with a two hour delay. Unfortunately, the plane had brake problems, so an hour after they told us about said problems, they cancelled the flight. I, of course, was totally okay the entire time…not. Finally, I got to leave Chicago at 4:40pm, 3 hours after I was supposed to leave. And I was late to a meeting, but I made it! Woo! Officially in DC for orientation.


Moral of the story: Drive.


Loving the fellow Russian students. Yay bonding time!


Until later,



5 thoughts on “I HATE AIRPORTS

  1. I love that your Russian name is Katya!! I’m going to start calling you that from now on. We miss you already!! Can’t wait to hear stories!!

  2. Hello Katya, how are things progressing there? Hope you are learning a lot and having a great time. We miss you and love you much– I pray everyday for your safety. Made your dad a fresh strawberry pie on Saturday last week. Made Lisa one and us one also. What are you learning to cook ? Learn some Russian deserts and cookies and write them down so I can try them. Love and miss you. Grandma

    • Things are good! Just got home from St. Petersburg. There’ll be a post on that soon. Love you too! Everything is good here! I haven’t learned how to make too much. Maybe I’ll buy a cookbook! Then we can make them together! Love you! Kalie

      , 22 2013 . katyagoesabroad :

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  3. Hi Katya, well it looks like we might be out of winter—kinda. The days are longer and warmer, still spitting snow every now and then. It is supposed to be 52 by the end of the week. We have been making lots of lightposts to keep busy. We made 5 with Notre Dame stuff on it, it sure is cute. Haven’t seen your family lately with dad working first shift again. We will see them on Easter maybe???? Hope you are learning a lot and having a marvelous experience. Be safe. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

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